CCTV Camera Surveillance System in Ahmedabad

CCTV Video Surveillance

CCTV Video Surveillance system keeps a watch over internal and external elements. You cannot be present everywhere at the same time to keep an eye over all the activities going inside and outside your premises but your CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) can. It will provide you a facility where you could just turn to your CCTV and get to know if any unsavory activities were to occur in your premises. This system not just only let you monitor the criminal activity but also enable you to keep a watch over your employees and staff which certainly helps you in enhancing the productivity and efficiency. In short, this system benefits you by increasing staff productivity, identifying criminals, monitoring areas you can’t and above all it is a round the clock surveillance system.

Entry Control & Monitoring System

Automatic gates are mechanical device which open and shut automatically as per the needs. Apart from its usefulness, it gives an impression of high-tech environment to a visitor visiting your premises. We do automation of all kinds of gates and doors like Swing gate, Swing Door, Sliding gate, Sliding Door, Traffic Bollards, Tyre Busters, Tripods, Turnstile, Rolling Shutters at toll plazas and parking, it is required to hold the traffic and that is where boom barriers come into the picture. It also holds the entry to restricted area or locations which are accessible to authorized persons only.

Residential and Commercial Security Solutions

We spend handsome amount of money, efforts and time to make a home of our dreams and we also invest a lot in furnishing and decorating it. However, when we leave our home alone, we feel very insecure about our home and our valuables present inside. Hence, security of our home becomes a thing of prime concern. Even such security concern may arise at any commercial complex as well. Intruder or Burglar alarm is the system which protects you and your family, protects your valuables and provides peace of mind. These security systems are equally useful for a commercial complex like your office or shop. As soon as some miscreant intends to break into your home or office, this alarm notifies you by sending a VR call or sending an SMS. VDP or Video Door Phone is an elegant device for entrance monitoring. As soon as a person presses button on the door unit, the monitor turns on with video and sound.

Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance

Access control is an intelligent device which helps you by controlling the access to your own premises. First, this intelligent system denies the entrance of any unauthorized person into your place. Secondly, you may take a report of time and attendance of every employee in your company. Thus, maintains an automatic time record of each employee. It also controls the entry and exit of an employee. Not limited to human only, our system provides you a facility of identifying the vehicle as well. You get a power to allow only the vehicle to enter you want to. Evidently, access control system provides the ultimate control in your hands.

Fire Alarm & Smoke Detector

A fire alarm and smoke detector system detects fire or the influence of fire. For instance, it senses a fire by detecting the smoke coming out from it. As soon as it detects smoke or fire, it performs various alarming functions like notifying the occupants, notifying people in surrounding area, alerting the fire service and activates all the fire alarm components in a building. The most distinguishing feature of the system device is that it notifies you automatically by sending an SMS or a phone call.