Setu Suvidha Kendra

About SETU Services

The term SETU here refers to the electronic bridge which is being established between the government and the people of Maharashtra. It is a project that has been started by the government of Maharashtra, and its aim is to make things easier for the common people when it comes to contacting the government. The services are aimed at setting up a fast and transparent medium between the government and the people.

The benefits of SETU to the government and its citizens

Whenever a common person needs to retrieve or obtain a document or certificate from any division/department of the government then he or she has to go through a lot of hassles. Waiting in the long queue and dealing with officials are the two prime issues. But, with the inception of SETU, these issues can be removed, as the certificate or document can be accessed easily with a few clicks of a mouse. On the other hand, it will help the government to speed up its work process and bring in more transparency is its system.

The process of obtaining any certificate or document through the online system has been kept quite simple, and the aim of the government is to issue the document/certificate within a time span of 15 days.

The role of Gujarat Infotech in SETU

Gujarat Infotech Ltd has been playing a major role in spreading the benefits of e-Governance. Being an ISO 9001:2008, 27001:2005 and CMMi Level 3 Certified company, Gujarat Infotech Ltd. has rendered its G2C services to this SETU project, making use of the technological elements in the best possible way to address the existing issues.

Other services of Gujarat Infotech

Apart from e-Governance, there are plenty of services provided by this company, such as Software Development, Web Portal Development, Enterprise Resource Planning, E-Learning, Data Processing Services, Digitization, Trainging, Facility Management, Networking, IT Enabled Services, Consulting Services, SMS services, and many more.

Current Location

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