Gujarat Infotech Limited document management services provide specialized solutions to increase your office productivity. Whether you're exploring an electronic document management solution to fulfil your most basic document imaging and storage needs or requiring more robust enterprise content management functionalities like workflow and version control, we have customized solutions for all your needs.

The modular architecture of our software gives great flexibility in the ways it can be used for any documents or intensive work processes, in fact the look and feel of the system can be easily tailored to guarantee outstanding acceptance levels by end users. Our cost effective document management modules can function autonomously, but also integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and legacy software, such as CRM, Property Management and Accounting software. Our products can be installed with a minimum of fuss, and help you get more from the investments you've already made. Our solutions will not only provide you with a complete 'virtual filing cabinet', with any document instantly available with the click of a mouse, but it will also give you the functionality to harness and maximize your company's knowledge and streamline your day to day office processes.

Our highly experienced team clearly understands that each client's needs are unique. We have assisted many organizations save a lot yearly by managing their documents digitally. Gujarat Infotech Limited (GILĀ®) has experience of Document Management Software System of More than 10 million pages of land record. We Integrated Document Management System on average 100,000 pages each month and our method and processes of Electronic Document Management System is complete, clean, high-quality, functional digital replicas of print materials that can be trusted and relied upon by content owners and users.

Gujarat Infotech Limited has helped corporations understand their document flow, analyzing bottlenecks and recommending technology solutions. We have analyzed the management of checks in financial services, forms in government departments, sales collateral in marketing departments, FDA submissions in pharmaceutical companies, service orders in telephone companies and trouble reports in technology vendors. Our services help you index information as thoroughly as you need to make the information easily accessible for everyone who needs it. Our document management services classifies information according to categories defined by the customer for instance 'multiple departments' or 'types of users'. This improves accessibility and reduces retrieval time.

We also offer microfiche scanning and microfilm scanning services through to complete tailor made electronic document management systems. We also offer a range of onsite scanner services at your office. We can offer help with any forms data capture exercises, paperless office solutions plus a wide range of related web based archiving and file hosting solutions for your organization.

Our purpose built facilities allow us to offer a range of scanning services including: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning and OCR conversion. Searchable PDF scanning, large format drawing scanning services and file storage. Plus dedicated document manager software such as our LazyWorks, LazyWeb and our Microsoft Sharepoint - ShareLive Systems.

We can advise corporations on:

  • Systems for managing, converting and producing documents
  • Testing document quality
  • Document design strategies
  • Costs and benefits of handling specific documents

From in-bound management that brings documents into the digital environment to back-end processes that personalize documents for end users, Gujarat Infotech Limited combines technology capabilities, industry knowledge and document management expertise to improve clients' operating environments.

Gujarat Infotech Limited offers Document management system, software, services, solution, document imaging & book scanning services provider company located Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Delhi, NCR in India.