NIR (National Insurance Repository)

What is e-Insurance Account (e-IA)?

It was initially introduced by Finance Ministry on 16th September 2013 to digitise physical insurance policies. Regulated by Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDA), the National Insurance-Policy Repository (NIR) service allows policyholders to amass their insurance policies digitally under one e-Insurance Account (eIA) without any cost. Any Policy holder can easily obtain national insurance number by opening the electronic insurance account (eIA) through Gujarat Infotech Ltd (GIL®).

o Manage policies, update details via single point of service.
o Digital storage reduces the risk of loss and damage to physical insurance policies.
o No need of providing KYC details for every new policy bought.
o Accessible facilities for the digital conversion of physical policies.
o e-Insurance Accounts can hold life insurance policies, pension plans and general insurance policies (health, car, home etc.)
o Premium payment alerts.
o Increased number of service touch points.
o Consolidated insurance statement.

Registration Process For NIR (National Insurance Repository):

Step 1: Download the electronic insurance account (eIA) application form
Step 2: Fill out the form with complete/correct details and attach KYC documents including birth certificate and the copy of a cancelled cheque.
Step 3: Submit the eIA application to Gujarat Infotech Ltd (GIL®).
Step 4: After submission, the eIA application form is verified and processed. An eIA is then, generated for the applicant. (Login Id and password will be provided).
After following all these steps, the eIA account can be accessed by login Id and password.

Frequently Asked Questions About NIR:

What is the purpose of an Insurance Repository?

It provides policyholders a facility to keep insurance policies in an electronic format and make changes, modifications and revisions to the policies when required with accuracy and ease.

What is an eIA or e-Insurance account ?

eIA is an “electronic insurance account” that safeguards the insurance policy documents of policyholders in an electronic format. The eIA provides the policyholder access to his/her insurance portfolio at the click of a button on the internet. Each eIA has a unique account number; and the accountholder a unique Login ID and Password for access online.

What are the norms for opening an e-insurance Account?

To hold e-insurance policies, a distinct e-insurance account can be opened with an insurance repository for safekeeping of insurance policies in electronic form. The e-account can be opened by persons holding insurance policies or aiming to hold them in future.

Do I need to pay for opening of e-Insurance Account (eIA)?

The eIA is free of cost.

Can any individual open more than one e-insurance account ?

As per the IRDA guidelines, an individual cannot open multiple e-Insurance Accounts.

Can I convert my existing paper polices into electronic policies ?

It is possible to convert existing physical policies into electronic form, by making a service request to the designated person.

What are the benefits of holding Insurance Policies in electronic form?

Holding insurance policies in electronic form under a single e-Insurance Account has multiple benefits. Safety - No risk, loss or damage as electronic policies are safely held and can be accessed whenever required. Convenience – Details of all policies are available at one place through a single e-account, and can be accessed at any time through the insurance repository online portal. Policy premiums can be paid online and service requests or complaints can also be filed. Single Point of Service – All eIA service requests in relation to e-policies can be submitted to any of the insurance repository service points online, without the need for visits to insurance policy offices. Less Paper Work – No repeat KYC verification is required on the purchase of new e-insurance policies through the existing eIA. Any changes to an individual’s personal details can be undertaken through a single service request under the existing eIA.

What are the documents required to open an eIA Account ?

The following documents are required to open an eIA:
-ID Proof: Aadhaar or PAN Number
- Address Proof: Verified copies of any of the under stated documents can be provided and the original document of the relevant address proof should be produced during verification by the insurance repository. Ration Card/Passport/Aadhaar/Voter ID/Driving License/Bank Passbook (not older than 6 months)/electricity bills (not older than 6 months)/telephone bills (not older than 6 months)/registered lease and license agreement. Self-declaration attested by High Court or Supreme Court judges with the provision of the new address of the accountholder. IDs or documents with address issued by – Central or State Governments and their Departments/Statutory or Regulatory Authorities/Public Sector Undertakings/Scheduled Commercial Banks/Public Financial Institutions/Colleges afflicted with Universities/Professional Bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, and Bar Councils

Which insurance policies can be held in electronic format?

The following types of insurance policies are eligible to be held in electronic form:
• All individual life insurance policies including health and pension policies and policies issued to groups by registered life insurance companies.
• All general insurance policies held by individuals including group policies
• Any other class of insurance policies that may be notified by IRDA

Can a policyholder have physical and electronic insurance policies?

Policyholders can choose to have their policies issued in physical or electronic form. A policy can be purchased and maintained in any one form only. However, a policyholder can choose to keep some policies in electronic form and others as physical papers.

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