Data Entry & Processing Services

Data Entry Companies in Ahmedabad, India | Data Digitization Gujarat

We are one of the leading Data Entry & Digitization Companies in Ahmadabad, Gujarat (India) expanding regions to Delhi, NCR, been recognized as specialists in the industry. Our Centers are well equipped with the state-of- the-art technology and infrastructure that allow our processing specialists to deliver best possible solutions for our wide client base. We have a team of intellectual, skilled and experienced processing specialist with the capability of handling simple processing projects to complex engagements. Our well organized team work round the clock and delivers high quality, accurate, secure and cost effective processing solutions. Cleansing is also possible on a case to case basis or a myriad of information processing services and integrated into your solution whether it is under government projects work or a large offshore corporate assignment.

  • Data Digitization, Processing, Cleansing, Mining
  • Acrobat PDF conversion
  • Database Management and Analysis
  • Card Application Processing
  • Customer complaint Indexing
  • Image Processing
  • Survey processing
  • Forms processing


Using leading-edge technologies and skilled staff, we convert your unstructured data into a variety of useful digital formats. We capture records from all types of handwritten forms accurately, rapidly, and cost-effectively and convert it into a powerful management resource.

Our data conversion services include

  • Conversion from any-to- any Database or format (e.g ASCII to DBF, ASCII to SPSS,EXCEL to ASCII/DBF, PDF to Doc conversion, etc.)
  • Conversion to images (from any format)
  • Extracting selected text from any document and converting into a Database
  • Preparation of Meta Data with user friendly search functionalities.